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Friday, May 27, 2011

Although the Fastest, Alonso fave Red Bull

Although appearing as the fastest in final practice session (second), yesterday (26/05/2011), Fernando Alonso says that Red Bull is still favored to win the Monaco F1 race on Sunday (05/29/2011). Ferrari racer fastest time was 1 minute 15.123 seconds ahead of McLaren driver, Lewis Hamilton (II), Nico Rosberg (III), Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel who are in fifth place.

"I think it only happened on Thursday, we need to see again. Red Bull during different exercises with the Saturday (qualifying), where they can be very strong," said Alonso.

According to Alonso, the difference of five days (from Spain to Monaco F1), not much can be done and Vettel with RB7 so great in Catalunya. "So, he was the favorite in qualifying and the race."


About the Ferrari F-150, Alonso admitted, improvements made ​​to make the team feel confident. The car responds very well because it has a suit that fits and you dare to put the brakes on the closest point and exit corners quickly, "he said.

When the second practice, Alonso almost collided with teammate, Felipe Massa. "I do not think the car in front of Massa and I think McLaren are slowing down at each corner. It was slow because Massa McLaren," Alonso said.

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