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Monday, May 30, 2011

Ferguson: Manchester United Defeated by a Fantastic Team

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson admitted that he had prepared the children students as possible to face Barcelona in the Champions League final, at Wembley on Saturday (05/28/2011). When the effort was led to the defeat of 1-3, Ferguson assess Barcelona better than his team.

"We lost. There is no other way to explain the situation. We were beaten by a fantastic team of course. However, I hope we do better. Finally, we will admit that we lost by a better team," said Ferguson.


Barcelona goals scored by Pedro (27), Lionel Messi (54), and David Villa (69). The goal was created by Wayne Rooney's Manchester United (34). According to Ferguson, though Messi scored only one goal, Messi looks really determine the outcome of the final match.

"They attack you with a very strong connection with the game feed and we never really control Messi, though many people say that before," she said.

"I think we have hope through the (goals), Wayne Rooney. I hope we do better in the second half, but it did not happen."

"I think they are the best team we've ever opponent. They are in the best point of their cycle and you get a team who raise themselves to that status and I think Barcelona is the team," he said.

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