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Monday, May 23, 2011

Supporters Entry field by wearing masks, Match Suspended

derby match between Rapid Vienna and Austria Vienna in Hanappi Stadium on Sunday (05/22/2011), referee stopped in the 26th minute. This was done after dozens of supporters invaded the host to the field with no clothes and some wearing masks.

Derbi Vienna is one of the hottest game in Austria. Almost every held, there are always incidents.

Sunday, supporters host Rapid Vienna seemed disappointed. Because the first round is not over, they've left behind 0-2. To vent their disappointment, fans took to the field and create unrest. Therefore, the two teams into the dressing room straight away and the referee stopped the match Thomas Einwaller later.

The fans showed ferocity on the field. They average off his shirt and showed the various tattoos on his body. In addition, most of them wearing masks.

Reportedly also, they attacked the team bus and smashed Austria Vienna-glass. However, no injuries.

"This difficult decision for us, also for both teams. However, the authorities had declared could not guarantee security if the match continued. I apologize to Austrian football," said Thomas Einwaller referee.

"This is the worst in a decade of darkness my solidarity with Rapid. I'm really sad and shocked," contrite President Ruolf Edlinger Rapid Vienna.

"I apologize, especially to the players who are physically threatened," he added.

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