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Monday, June 27, 2011

Button-Hamilton Not Satisfied with His car

Targeting can come back to win, Lewis Hamilton should be satisfied with finishing in fourth position. Together with team-mate Jenson Button, Hamilton demanded his team immediately undergo a upgraded car to be competitive again. 

McLaren Mercedes are the closest competitor Red Bull this season. Following two victories in China and Canada, the target to be really beat Red Bull is likely to materialize. 

But in the European Grand Prix on Sunday (26/06/2011) yesterday Mclaren Mercedes fails to demonstrate its competitiveness. Their position as the closest competitor Red Bull actually taken over Ferrari, Fernando Alonso who managed to take second place finish. 

Hamilton who finished fourth and Button who finished the race in sixth obviously not satisfied with these results. Both are hoping there will be upgrades to improve the performance of the car in the next races. 

"I think we lost downforce. We do not make the upgrade for several weeks. Before we perform the upgrade on the front wing, but for the downforce on the rear of our difficulties with it," said Hamilton in Austosport. 

Similar statements came out of the Button. Should there be no progress either in terms of aerodynamics or the other, the next series in England will be very difficult for the two McLaren Mercedes. 

"We need a few upgrades. We need to continue to head down and increase the ability of the car. The aerodynamics I think we need to progress at Silverstone because we did not step forward, and that's what we should focus on. I do not know if there will be new equipment coming , but we need more, "said Button.

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