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Monday, June 13, 2011

Button won the Canadian F1 Full Dramatic Collision

Jenson Button won the Canadian F1 Grand Prix full of drama collisions due to rain flooded the circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal, Sunday (12 / 6) or Monday morning Indonesian time. His victory was achieved on the last lap, the result of mistakes Sebastian Vettel.

Button's success is thanks to persistent struggle that began from the middle position. Even he had to undergo the drive through penalty. But with patience and support performance of the car and error Vettel, he can pick his first victory. With this result, was rated second position temporarily with 101 points.

Red Bull racer Vettel who tingga setengal victory lap again picking sixth, vanished because cornering too wide in the third corner. Error was not wasted by Button. In fact, since the start until lap 69, he continues to lead without being able to pursue your opponent. Despite failing, he still leads the standings with a total of 161 points.

Third being captured teammate Mark Webber. The Australian rider was competing at Schumacher even cut the line twice in the "chicane" so that he could in front of Schumacher. But, in point lurusnya he could give back to Schumacher. But, ahead of the last lap, he can make sure all three positions.
Hamilton victim of aggressiveness

The competition took 70 laps, starting with the driver is guided by the safety car (SC) because of wet track due to rain. Here, race car tire wear wet and no one dared to use this type of intermediate gambling.
When the SC car about to go pit on lap 5, Vettel started slowing vehicle for the cars behind them participate to reduce speed. Once passed in front of the pit, and Vettel skyrocketed, Alonso tried to overtake from the left and right, but failed. While Fellow teammate Vettel, Mark Webber diserundul Hamilton, so twisted and make the position of the Australian rider sag.

So is Button who entered the corner too wide 6, provide an opportunity for Schumacher melibasnya. Hamilton again showed that aggressive driving style and he almost touched with Schumacher when trying to overtake. Hamilton carelessness must be paid handsomely, in which he touched with his team mate on lap 8 and the left rear tire broke out due to hit the barrier wall.

SC car entered. If Hamilton keeps going on, the grand jury was investigating her butting Webber. In addition, he is under investigation violated the speed when guided by the SC.

Now, the jury returned Hamilton to investigate themselves is like accidentally close Button space to the left. Button action can also correct it because he would enter the first corner. Finally, Button was convicted and must undergo a "drive through penalty" and its position slipped to 14th.

Remove lap 14, ahead of your competition began boring. Vettel left Alonso 5 seconds more yan followed Massa, Rosberg and Schumacher. Unless Button is infiltrating into the future, as well as Webber.
Ferrari erroneous weather forecast

On lap 18 Alonso and Button are both entered the pits. Both replace the intermediate tires. But rain has been running two laps back membahasi tracks, and both re-entered the pit exchange wet tires. Alonso's position back to the 8th, but there are five riders in front of him before they hit the pit instead of tires.

At the same time it rains, SC guide the rider on lap 20 for a third time. This condition is used Vettel to replace the tires, as well as Webber is all changing because of interference with the steering wheel lower teeth. Because of the rain without ceasing, the race was stopped on lap 25 and the red flag was unfurled.

Meaningful opportunities Alonso to return to position 2, is still open. The reason, several riders in front of him sepewrti Kobayashi, Heidfeld, Petrova has not entered the pit to change a tire.

After restrained 1 hour 14 minutes, yet there are also signs of the race will begin. While it was already ahead of the evening. Approaching waiting almost 2 hours, the car had been instructed to use tire wet (wet), mean racing will begin.

Delayed 2 hours 04 minutes

Promptly at 15:50 (local time) or delayed 2 hours 04 minutes, the race begins with a guided SC. Alonso (8) and Webber (7) must show the maximum if you want on the podium.

Racing begins once a lap to the pit entrance SC-35. And just take two laps, SC came back from an incident in turn three. Alonso was trying to poke Button from the outside, now entered the bend diserundul McLaren. Ferrari was twisted, and stuck in the kerb and Alonso not to continue the race. Medium Button front left tire burst. He immediately entered the pit and change tires car snout. Racing released back lap 41 with presenting scenes "kiss" between Heidfeld and in Resta who investigated the jury, was penalized Sutil drive through penalty because menylip SC.

Sign in lap 50, getting far ahead of Vettel. While Massa is trying to shift the Kobayashi with my swing, it was Schumacher's advantage of space left and poked the second. But on lap 53, Schumacher changed the tires and dropped to fourth position.

Apes went to Massa on lap when he overtook ke53 rider on the track straight, the car lost control due to slick tire life and hit the barrier wall. Luckily he was able to overcome the car and can continue, even though the front is damaged and immediately entered the pit and the front tire change.

Lapse of four then, who tried to bulldoze Kobayashi Heidfeld in the second corner, but the muzzle of his car crashed into the rear of the Japanese rider. Before entering the third bend, wing cars loose Heidfeld go under and the car was like flying and hit the wall.

SC also signed with the formation Vettel followed Schumacher, Webber. Button stuck together ketet. Competition tight snatch second position on the front line between the three racers. If Schumacher can maintain the position of the two who lived eight laps, this was his first podium.

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