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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feeling privileged Alonso in Ferrari

Fernando Alonso said he felt "happy and privileged" after extending the contract with Ferrari until end of season 2016. The reason, "Scuderia" gives the place that made him feel comfortable.

The Spanish rider is joined Ferrari last season and has a contract that was completed late summer 2012. However, before the contract was completed, the team confirmed that they had extended his contract with a duration of four years, on Thursday (19/05/2011).

"This is good news for me and my career after extending the contract until 2016," said Alonso, who was preparing for this weekend's Catalunya GP.

"Also, as I said last year, my intention was to end my career with Ferrari. I can not imagine a nicer place to race for a rider.

"I feel lucky to come here years ago and I feel like at home since the first day and I have the chance to race here until the end of 2016 so that means it will be at Ferrari for the past seven years."

"I am happy and feel special and maybe by 2017 we will do the contract again. I'll see if I'm not too old and if the Ferrari still want me."

2005 and 2006 world champion admitted that a contract extension with Ferrari was a natural decision, which shows how comfortable was in the team is based in Maranello, since he joined in 2010.

"In the mind and also my head, this is not a big opportunity. It is clear that I wanted to race here for years and despite what the contract, stability is always 100 percent. This is just for public confirmation because nothing has changed in the the team. "

Former Renault and McLaren driver added: "I must say, this is a very easy decision for us. We started a conversation a week or two ago about the future, and all parties wish to have all of them forwarded. I am happy with the team and they are also so so we said 'okay we do a contract extension'. "

"We agreed a contract until 2016 and all is clear for us, for team members, and for all for the sake of stability. This is a decision from us together."

Alonso also admitted, it was impossible to say how success will be achieved at Ferrari. However, he felt that he was in the best team to achieve much success.

"F1 is not possible to predict and impossible to predict the world champion before you start. Of course I was in the best possible team to compete for the champion of the world. A few other teams up and down. They have good years and bad , "he said.

"In the Ferrari, in the worst, you finish in second or third in the standings, so this is something that Ferrari could offer to a rider."

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