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Friday, June 24, 2011

Indonesian Kids Want to Be Like Fabregas

Indonesian children have the talent and potential to become a professional soccer player. They have a dream to be able to bring Indonesia into the world stage, as has been done Cesc Fabregas 

The presence of international players Cesc Fabregas classmates to Indonesia inspiring and dreams of children in Indonesia. The Spanish midfielder was greeted children at Gelora Ngurah Rai, Jl. Jasmine, Denpasar, Bali on Thursday (24/06/2011). 

"I want to be like Fabregas," said Putu from School Football Mandala United Denpasar. 

Putu with her friend screaming for her idol's name just to get a wave and a smile from Arsenal's captain. "It was nice to see directly. Usually only watch on TV," he said proudly. 

The desire of children to be a professional player and stepped onto the world stage get full support from national players Bambang Pamungkas. He considered the children of Indonesia has the talent and technique to play good ball. 

"Talent Indonesian children are not inferior to any country, but they do not have the proper containers and distribution," 

Indonesia's children get full support from the government and parents in order to realize his dreams it the name of the nation on the world stage. 

"The spirit of the children to achieve the dream should be supported. Someday, Indonesia has a strong team representing Indonesia at the World Cup,"

Fabregas was declared Indonesia's children have a glorious future. "I think their future will be glorious. I see they have a good playing technique," he said.

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