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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Japanese Teen Golfers Arrested

Teenage golfer who became an idol in Japan, Ryo Ishikawa arrested by police for driving without a valid driver's license.

Ishikawa remain arrested by police while driving a car when he brings an international SIM obtained in the U.S., last February. Traffic laws do not recognize international driving permit Jepnag unless the holder has been living abroad for more than three months.

Father Ishikawa, Katsumi admitted his son did not know these rules. "When in America, I think the SIM is also true in Japan. luckily we knew this before the accident," said Katsumi.

But police did not continue the legal process against Ryo Ishikawa. If convicted, he can be sentenced to imprisonment for one year or a fine of 300 thousand yen.

In May 2007, Ryo Ishikawa became the youngest golfer to become a champion on the Japanese Tour. At that time he was 15 years eight months and won the Munsingwear Open.

In 2009 the Nobel prize Ryo becomes the most money on tour of Japan.

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