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Friday, June 10, 2011

Juventus Want to Sell Melo

Juventus midfielder Felipe Melo, called Calciomercato, judged the club to behave less well so considered for sale. However, they also do not want to release it under the potential value of Melo, who according to Transfermarkt reached 16.5 million euros, or about Rp 205 billion.

Juventus bought from Fiorentina in 2009 and then by value, according to Calciomercato, reaching 25 million euros, or about Rp 311 billion. 

The new coach of Juventus, Antonio Conte, said that if Juventus want champions, they have to have players who know the rules so that the focus of the club and the team is not disturbed by the negative reaction that might arise. 

"I hope they do not make mistakes, both in behavior and the way they talk to the media. If this applies to two players for the World Cup champion (Gianluigi Buffon and Alessandro Del Piero), this also applies to Brazilian midfielder (Melo)," Conte said. 

According Calciomercato, to reduce the risk of loss, Juventus are considering to trade Melo with Real Madrid midfielder, Lassana Diarra, or Arsenal defender Gael Clichy. 

If you are ready to lose Clichy, Arsenal judged more likely to get Melo rather than Madrid. Apart from Arsenal had drawn to Melo when I was at Fiorentina, also because Melo himself once said he wanted to try the Premier League. 

Another problem for Juventus is before removing Melo, they must first make sure to get a reliable replacement. According Calciomercato, looking for a replacement Melo in the transfer market is now more difficult than take it off.

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