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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lahm Want Bayern Munich to More Aggressive in the transfer window

Captain of Bayern Munich, Philipp Lahm, said he was happy because his club managed to recruit Manuel Neuer, Rafinha and Nils Petersen. However, Lahm claimed not satisfied and want to "Der Bavarians" add to the squad again.

In an exclusive interview with, football terjangnya explained Lahm with Bayern for 16-year career. He also said his hope with a new manager Jupp Heynckes.

Philipp, you have been playing with Bayern since 1995. What are the main reason behind your loyalty to the club?

"I'm very happy at Bayern. That's why I extend my contract for another five years (until June 2016). I've got a good future here, both in domestic and international stage. So, for me there is no other club."

Jupp Heynckes will take over the reins at Bayern following the summer holidays. What do you expect from new coach?

"I welcome the opportunity to work with Jupp Heynckes. He's an experienced coach who knows how to balance defense and attack. This is important because we conceded too many goals last season. We need to improve our defense. We have good quality in attack and we can always print goals. However, people did not mince words when he said good defense is the champion of capital. Jupp Heynckes's mission and I'm sure he'll succeed. "

Bayern have bought three new players for next season, namely Manuel Neuer, Rafinha and Nils Petersen. Are you expecting reinforcements before the stock closed again?

"No doubt we need to strengthen the squad. As a top club we need to continue to expand and buy new players. You see it in other top clubs, and Bayern are like that."

What's your target for the 2011/12 season considering the previous season Bayern without a trophy?

"With the quality we have in the squad, our goal is always won domestic titles and went further than the last 16 of Champions League. The thing is, last season we had trouble finding rhythm after the World Cup ended because many players are involved with their national teams. They do not get many days off. It's not easy. "

You managed to become the top choice in the Bayern defense throughout the season. How can you stay in shape?

"I struggled early in the season, both physically and mentally. To play many games, you must remain free from injury and take care of your body. You also need plenty of sleep, and I'm getting it more than most players."
You have long rated as one of the best left back in the world.

However, you suddenly switch as a right-back at the start of last season. In the future, you see where your position?

"I can do well in both positions. I said at that time (early last season) I'm better on the right because I survived more optimal. Some people say I'm more spectacular on the left, but spectacular does not always mean better. I do not mind playing where, which is important I can play in the same position throughout the season. I do not want to change positions all the time. "

As captain of Bayern you constantly highlighted the media. How do you deal with it?

"You have to think how many sides of life you want to give to the public. I always maintain my personal side and will always be like that. However, fans have a right to know what players do off the field. I think I've found the right balance. You need to have a good relationship with the fans because they play an important role at club and national team. "

You also have to take more responsibility away from the field by engaging in social projects. Tell us a little about the Summer Camps and Philipp Lahm Philipp Lahm Foundation.

"In 2007, I was in South Africa to see more of the country and continent. When I was there, I saw much suffering, so I decided to set up his own foundation to help. I want to share a little lucky with the people there, although My biggest project is still here in Germany. summer camp in Munich and Berlin aimed at children and adolescents. We try to contribute so children can expect to get a brighter future through football and education. "

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