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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giggs brother is also having an affair

After the affair Manchester United midfielder, Ryan Giggs, with his sister-in-law is revealed, Natasha. Now turn, Natasha's husband, Rhodri, who also caught cheating. According to The Sun, a secret shame associated with this Rhodri woman named Danielle Healy.

"Rhodri is a hypocrite. He's as bad as Ryan (Giggs)," Healy said.

"I may not have had an affair eight years (such as Giggs and Natasha) with him. However, what we are doing is wrong. He is a man who was married and had children while having sex with me."

"He really does not look like a family man on the night we were together. Rhodri knew exactly what he wanted that night and I'm stuck at the moment. Right or wrong, we have been doing what we do," Healy completed.

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