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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hamilton received 3 Grid Penalty

Hamilton received 3 Grid Penalty following the offense in the Indian Grand Prix first free practice on Friday (10/28/2011). McLaren racer is assessed ignoring yellow flags are hoisted.

Hamilton became the fastest rider in the morning session on the new circuit, Buddh International. However, after the British rider was called steward and given the punishment due to too fast although there is a yellow flag when the marshal to take care of the car rider Williams, Pastor Maldonado. It is also suffered Sauber driver, Sergio Perez.

"I use DRS when the yellow flag was unfurled, and you are not allowed to do that," said Hamilton.

"I went there and raised both hands, saying, I accept whatever punishment they give, and that is what they give me."

2008 world champion was also added, resentment over the incident entirely devoted to yourself. He felt frustrated because they still keep making mistakes as usual. Therefore, Hamilton admitted having to do anything during qualifying tomorrow.

"It seems good for us to be on the pole during qualifying today. But, tomorrow may be a different day. I can not blame anyone else because I am just a race."

Hamilton also admitted, McLaren will get challenge from Ferrari and Red Bull Racing at Indian GP. Well, the fact that he got a penalty of three grid, then this weekend would be very difficult for him.

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