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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ellison Will Return to MotoGP

James Ellison will take part in the MotoGP arena after an absence of five years. He will strengthen the team who also recently returned to this event for the 2012 season, Paul Bird.

However, so far no decision what chassis that used 31-year-old driver from England. Only, Paul Bird team will use the Aprilia RSV-4 engine.

Although the deal has not officially confirmed, Ellison writes through his personal Twitter account, "Yes, the cat was out of the cage now. Sorry I can not tell you earlier, because of the weight to shout from the top of the roof. I'm very excited."

Ellison is a great achievement in European Superstock event, when two consecutive champion in 2000-2001, which makes it appear in the arena Harris WCM MotoGP team in 2004. Finally, Ellison strengthen the Tech 3 Yamaha team in 2006, and he has recorded a total of 38 premier-class races, with best results finishing in ninth position of the GP Catalunya 2006.

Since leaving MotoGP, Ellison showed a promising performance in the British Superbike arena and the United States, because they always fight in the front row. For this year, he was once a World Supersport podium.

Contrast with Ellison, Bird actually has never had experience fighting in the MotoGP class. However, the squad has been working for a look at Kawasaki World Superbike team for last two years.

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