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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Indonesia Vs Vietnam | Result | SEA GAMES 2011

Indonesia advanced to the SEA Games football final XXVI, after silencing the Vietnam 2-0, in the semifinal, at Bung Karno Stadium, Saturday (19/11/2011). Victory is determined by the goals Patrich Indonesia Wanggai (61) and Titus Bonai (87).

Both sides played aggressively from the start. In addition to insist in the struggle for the ball, they also tried to attack stream as quickly as possible.
However, each of which seemed less calm. The flow of attacks often broken in the middle of the road because the coordination game that is not solid and pass are not accurate.
After the 15th minute, the tempo of the game somewhat decreased. However, Indonesia seems to play more cleanly and in the 18th minute, managed to create pressure, which led Octovianus Maniani accurate shots. Unfortunately, his shot can still be anticipated Tran Ngoc Buu.
Shortly thereafter, Egi Melgiansyah execute a free kick. The shot leads right into the target and hold a posse after Vietnam. However, goalkeeper Tran Ngoc Buu was again able to anticipate them.
Indonesia consistently enough to maintain the intensity of the attacks, but had lost focus on the 40th minute, so that Hoang Tung Din could penetrate the penalty box and fired a shot. However, his efforts could be thwarted Kurnia Meiga.
Indonesia then started the second half with an attack that led to a shot of Titus Bonai. Unfortunately, the execution misses to the right side of goal Tran Ngoc Buu.
Indonesia continues to apply pressure and finally managed to excel, thanks to a goal Patrich Wanggai in the 61st minute from a free kick.
Free kick awarded after Egi Melgiansyah violated not far from the penalty box. Patrich is believed to execute, send the ball directly to the target and into the bottom left corner of goalkeeper Tran Ngoc Buu.
Around the 80th minute, Egi trying to penetrate. He had lost the ball due to escort an opposing player, but managed to snatch it back and fired a shot, which denied Tran Ngoc Buu.
Indonesia finally added a goal by Titus "Tibo" Bonai in the 87th minute. Relying on individual quality, Tibo dribbled into the penalty box and fired the ball, which entered Vietnam goalkeeper after about an opposing player.
Indonesia continues to utilize the remaining time to add goals. However, the result 2-0 on the scoreboard did not change until the long whistle sounded.

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