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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nani Car Accident

Luxury vehicles Manchester United midfielder Luis Nani, involved an accident with a police car, as reported by the BBC, Saturday (16/02/2013).

Greater Manchester Police said a police officer who drove his official car, while relieved after engaging in a traffic accident with Nani.

More from the authorities, the police car was responding to an emergency call and drove along the road in the Region Gatley, Stockport, Friday (02/15/2013), at 18:40 UK time.

The police car was eventually collided with Nani who drove the Bentley Continental, after entering the intersection of Kingsway.

Authorities delivered, a passenger in police
car only lightly injured and both vehicles was in heavy damage.

"The police officer has been relieved of duty riders daily, in accordance with standard procedure," said a police spokesman who is not specified name.

The BBC is not preaching further, whether Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha aka Nani injured or fine.

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