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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Malaysia Vs Cambodia Result

Malaysia Vs Cambodia Result is 4-1. Malaysia managed to beat Cambodia by a score of 4-1 in the Group stage matches advanced ASEA Games XXVI, Sunday (11/13/2011) evening. Thanks to this victory, Malaysia sits on top of the standings by collecting seven points. However, the throne of the standings could change if Indonesia is able to conquer Thailand after this match.

In the earlier match, Malaysia immediately appear suppress Cambodia since the early minutes. The first threat Muhd ​​Mansor released on the fifth minute. Unfortunately shot back numbered 21 players that can still be pushed goalkeeper Cambodia, Sou Yaty. Only a minute later, Malaysia successfully breaking goal Cambodia. Ramlan Izzaq managed a field goal after maximizing Kuong Young Young cross from the right wing.
Do not want to lose the moment, Malaysia continued to launch attacks. Finally, Malaysia struggle finally succeeded in the 35th minute. From outside the box, fired hard Baddrol which makes the ball nestled into the middle of the goal Cambodia.
Cambodia re-pierced through the penalty spot in the 38th minute. Malaysia get a penalty after Ramlan dropped by one of the opposing players in the forbidden box. Baddrol executioner who appeared successfully netted the Cambodian side of the right goalpost. Despite winning 3-0, Malaysia still appear insistent. But there is no additional goals until halftime. The first round ended with the advantages of Malaysia 3-0.
After halftime, Cambodia began to dare to launch a threat. Even the Malaysian goalkeeper almost conceded in the 54th minute. Captain Cambodia successfully fired a shot after maximizing the chaos in front of goal Malaysia. Unfortunately shot back numbered eleven players were still soaring over the bar.
Cambodia managed to score a goal from Chihin Chhoeun in the 60th minute. Goal was immediately greeted by tens of thousands of supporters which is present in the stadium. Indeed, since the early minutes, Cambodia to get full support from the supporters.
Support is making Cambodia more confident. Some players Cambodia dared to penetrate the past two to three players of Malaysia.
While getting intimidation, Malaysia managed to find the net Cambodia ahead of the game was over. Sou Yaty re-pierced after failing to hold a shot Wan Zakaria. That goal was to lock the Malaysia's victory 4-1.

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