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Monday, November 14, 2011

Newcastle fans is Very Angry

Newcastle United fans furious against the club management's decision to rename the stadium St James' Park to Direct Sports Arena. They are very disappointed with this decision and judge it as a disgrace.

"This is really a terrible decision, I will always mention St James' Park," said Eileen Fox, one of the fans, as reported by the BBC.

"This is a disgrace, tantamount to changing the name of a city. Newcastle United and St James' Park are always together like black and white. Do you want me to cut my veins and show it," added the other fans, Aitken Head.

In addition, Member Quality of Life, coun Henri Murison, told the Newcastle United Supporters Trust that the replacement of the name St James' Park with no respect for the club's history so far. According to him, the name of St James' Park was greatly attached to the football club Newcastle United and the city for over 130 years.

"It's known around the world and the decision to change it would interfere with the fans who have supported year after year. As I understand the commercial rationale behind renaming the stadium, this will not happen and certainly going beyond material benefits if they could mean for many people . "

"This football club is the heartbeat of this city and when the city government is also assessing its relationship with this club, no need to change the name of St James 'Park. As far as the fans and the city watch Newcastle United, Newcastle United's home is still known by the name of St James' Park , "he added later.

Former Newcastle defender John Anderson, to think that other fans will continue to call St James' Park no matter what happens. Anderson saw that this decision has been opposed by many fans.

"I think this will offend the fans the wrong way, many people are not happy with this."

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