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Monday, November 14, 2011

Hamilton Champion

With the shipwreck of Sebastian Vettel at the start of the race to make Lewis Hamilton won the F1 Abu Dhabi on Sunday (13/11). McLaren racer is mastering the Yas Marina circuit for 55 laps without being able to offset his opponents.

Success Hamilton is recorded as his third victory this season, after previously achieved in China and Germany. By getting an additional 25 points, now he pocketed a total of 227 points and have not been able to increase its position and remain in fourth.
It is difficult for the former champion to win the 2008 world runner-up position because it is far adrift with three riders in front of him. Although he was in Brazil (last series) can win the race.
The second position was taken Fernando Alonso, who fought hard enough because the car's performance when fast as the McLaren. When the second pit stop (lap 41), he deliberately did not in unison the same as Hamilton's first pit stop. Replace tires are both done two laps after Hamilton.
This tactic is quite successful and when entering the track he is still leading the way. But, not one lap, Hamilton was able to overtake Alonso securely. Ferrari rider had to settle for finishing second.
Former double world champion is still more likely to grab the runner-up world. Because, with an additional 18 points, he now has 245 points behind Jenson Button just seven digits.
Vettel Aircraft tires
55 lap race that took it's not a good day for Vettel. Although he was when start immediately leapt to the front, but entered the second corner, unlucky not to dielectric. Right rear tire burst, although able to walk and entered the pit, but the mechanic said he could not continue the race and was a spectator since lap 2.
With the shipwreck of Vettel, Red Bull hope to live depends on Mark Webber. Australian rider is working hard for 55 laps. When on lap 15 he tried to overtake Button in the corner, although successful but can be taken again in a moment.
Fourth position untenable because when pitstop he was too lengthy stays in the pit. Although all four wheels are mounted, he must give riders who want to enter. As a result he is entirely separate and sag Button sixth behind Massa.
But the 28 lap distance with Massan and Button are on the front is imminent. The first victim Massa on lap 30 which in salip at the chicane from the outside. However, mass can be back at the next corner.
On lap 43 Button and Webber can bulldoze its position in third. Unfortunately, lap 54 he had to put the car into the pits to change tires. In fact, just completed a lap by appearing not insist on it, could finish. Only, perhaps tire condition is not possible to take a lap and finished fourth.
Finally, Button did not squander this opportunity by finishing third. British rider is experiencing problems with the DRS, so that in the long path he can not pick up speed.

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