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Friday, November 4, 2011

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation. Santiago Bernabeu stadium development plan does not have significant problems. This project has been approved by the City Council of the City Development section of Madrid. Green light given directly by the City Council announced Vice Mayor Manuel Cobo.

Madrid is now ready to build a magnificent shopping in an area of ​​5216 square meters. This area is part of the development of the Santiago Bernabeu which reached 12.250 square meters.

In return, Real Madrid had to give up an area that is now a shopping mall covering an area of ​​6858 square meters were destroyed. Later on it will be built a park covering an area of ​​4330 square meters. The rest became supporting of the park buildings.

Manuel Cobo explained if the development projects it will spend 200 million euros. The number of workers who can be accommodated reach 6,000 people with a working time approaching 600 hours of work.

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