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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kashiwa Reysol Vs Santos Result | FIFA Club World Cup 2011

Santos FC had secured their progress to the final round of World Cup 2011 Cup after successfully beat the host club, Kashiwa Reysol, the semi-final match at Toyota Stadium, Japan, Wednesday (14/12/2011). The Brazilian club's 3-1 win over Kashiwa.

Three goals scored by Neymar Santos, Borges, and Danilo. Neymar scored the first goal for Santos in the 17th minute with his left foot from outside the penalty box. He successfully netted the ball to the right corner of the goal Kashiwa, guarded by Takanori Sugeno.

The match that took place rapidly since the beginning continues. Both teams took turns attacking and Santos Borges increase the advantage with a goal in the 24th minute.

Borges had the opportunity to score a goal after a defender managed to outwit Kashiwa in front of goal. The position did not change until the first half ended even though Kashiwa also has a number of golden opportunities to score.

Disadvantaged 2-0 Kashiwa not make the players the spirit is weak. Entering the second half, the player coach Nelsinho implemented a fast game and managed to produce an executed corner kick by Jorge Wagner.

Opportunities of this corner was successfully solved by either into a goal by Hiroki Sakai, on the 54th minute. 
Sakai's header into the goal Rafael Cabral managed to minimize the difference in the team's second goal.

Unfortunately, not until 10 minutes elapsed, Kashiwa back disappointed because the violations committed by Ryoichi Kurisawa midfielder. Santos managed to earn the free kick.

Danilo who was asked to execute a free kick straight from the front of the goal was shocking. A direct kick create a goal in 63rd minute.

Kashiwa appear more aggressive in the second round. Many times they created a golden opportunity in front of goal Santos. Unfortunately, the execution has not been accurate. The best chance owned Kashiwa wasted away by Masakatsu Sawa in the 82nd minute. 

Until the end of the second half, the score did not change. Team coach Muricy Ramalho was also ensures a place in the final game to compete against the winner of the match between Barcelona and Al Sadd to be held in Yokohama on Thursday

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