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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rooney's wife blackmailed

Wayne Rooney's wife, Coleen, blackmailed a gang to pay 5000 pounds if she want her camera back. Otherwise, personal photographs, including Rooney and her baby, will be sold to the magazine.

The blackmailed was revealed in the trial Lee Platt in Manchester on Monday (12/12/2011). Mentioned, Coleen Rooney was lost digital camera the Samsung brand in May 2010 at the MEN Arena, Manchester. The camera seemed to be in the hands of Lee Platt.

Platt had called the Manchester United, his agent Paul Stretford, and Hello magazine in the conduct tortion mode. The court turned back a recording that phone call that Platt assistant editor of Hello!, Rosie Nixon.

To Rosie, Platt said, "We have a memory card from the camera's Wayne Rooney. It contained pictures of various kinds. There are few pictures while on holiday and family photos, photos as well as his son (Kai) was born, the house, and photos when he was drunk. You interested? "

To Rosie, she was offered 200 pounds Stertford money to restore the photos. However, he rejected as too little. "If you put a price more in cash, would I give to you," said Platt, as written in The Sun.

Platt also called MU officials, Barry Moorhouse. He demanded 1000 pounds if Manchester United want memeori card back. He then raises its price to 5,000 pounds.

"He also said that negative news would make this photo more expensive when sold to the (magazine) OK! And Hello!," Said Moorhouse.

Attorney Deborah Gould also said the police had done undercover with James to negotiate with the gang. They also arrange meetings with other gang members, Steven Malcolm, at the Marriot Hotel, Manchester, September 2010.

Malcolm came up with 11 sheets of photo. Each photograph wrapped in plastic sheet which fingerprints were also affected Lee Platt and his girlfriend, Jennifer Green.

Platt (28) admitted trying to extort it. While Green and Malcolm denied. This case will continue.

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