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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Arema fired Wolfgang Pikal

Arema Malang Version Indonesia Super League (ISL) fired Wolfgang Pikalfrom the coaching chair. Because, a former assistant coach Indonesia national team is considered to have failed to give satisfactory results.

"The decision is the result of management's evaluation of four times a match that did not record a victory
," said Media Officer Arema, Sudarmaji, via short message received by reporters on Thursday (01/05/2012).

Sudarmaji stated, the management to temporarily appoint a replacement Joko Susilo as Pikal. "Now the control team in the hands of assistant coach Joko Susilo and wait for management to get the coach," he said.

Management, continued Sudarmaji, guarantee
Pikal rights will be met . "Management also will meet all her rights," he explained.

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