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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eric Cantona became president candidate

Since retiring from football, Eric Cantona's name did not sound long enough. Now, Manchester United legend came with a shocking news. Cantona decided advance in the French presidential election.

Currently Cantona is collecting signatures in order to get ahead in the presidential election. Before the end of February next, he must get at least 500 support from elected officials. He had sent a letter to the mayor in France to ask support.

"This agreement requires me to speak much more serious than before, but also with the firmness of my responsibility, in which our country was having a hard time choosing what I can determine their future," the petition contains a statement of Cantona.

In a letter quoted by the newspaper Liberation that, Cantona also criticized the lack of opportunities for young people in France and a growing number of social injustice, but also condemned the violence and systematic symptoms.

The candidates will compete in the first round at the end of April. The two candidates who received the greatest support will advance to the round-determination in early May. Candidate of the Socialist camp, Francois Hollande, meanwhile lead in acquisition support, defeating President Nicolas Sarkozy.

This is not the first time Cantona tried to find the public's attention. In December 2010, he asked the customer in France withdraw their money from banks over the role of financial institutions sparked a global financial crisis. But his efforts failed and no one who withdraw their money.

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