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Friday, January 6, 2012

Gedebage Stadium

One of the things to be proud of in the construction of Gedebage Stadium is the use of goods of international standard. One of them called by the chair, Gedebage Stadium chair is also used in Australia or Malaysia and claimed fireproof.

Engineering Coordinator disclosed development projects Gedebage Stadium, Hanif Setyo Nugroho, Thursday (05/01/2012), 38 000 units chairs imported from Malaysia. The chair for Gedebage Stadium is made ​​from polypropylene which has a melting point of more than one hour.

"Thus, if there are fans who vent their resentment by burning a chair, lit a fire would not have time," said Hanif.

In addition, the design of a folding chair by means of gravity so that when not in use, will close by itself. Therefore, the clearance will be greater so the audience can freely passing in front of the seat though it was filled.

Some places that have been using this chair, continued Hanif, is Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia, as well as in Australia.

KONI Chairman Bandung Aan Johana ask bobotoh to keep together items inside Gedebage Stadium when later used. In particular, he asked the 
Viking frontman, Heru Joko.

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