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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Man. City Vs Liverpool Result | Semi Finals Carling Cup

Liverpool took advantage when the lead first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final against Manchester City on Wednesday (11 / 1) at Etihad Stadium. Man. City Vs Liverpool Result 1-0 for away side through goals from captain Steven Gerrard.

The game has been running for four minutes, Liverpool had almost opened the scoring early. However, Andy Carroll, who failed to beat goalkeeper Joe Hart in the situation. In fact, Carroll faced with Hart in front of the goal of The Citizens.

Entering the 12th minute, Liverpool have a penalty. Without mercy, the referee immediately blew the whistle violations. Gerrard, who was appointed as executioner, success make a goal.
Score the first round was ending 1-0 to Liverpool.

Man. City tried to respond by pressing
Liverpool defense. One of the opportunities available Micah Richards. However, the header from Richards, who was featured as captain stopped reflexes perfectly capable of Pepe Reina.

The Citizens again get a chance. Error Kelly Martin gave feedback to Reina, even create freestanding Sergio Aguero. Luckily, feinting Reina Aguero read a pretty good look at these games.

Conscious score was still not profitable for the Man. City manager Roberto Mancini has put a case attacking type player Edin Dzeko. However, until the fight ended, Man. City Vs Liverpool Result remained 1-0 for the Reds.

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