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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ryan Giggs Just A Worm

Ryan Giggs's brother, Rhodri Giggs, finally reveal the contents of her brother and his wife's betrayal. In fact, he called his brother, Ryan Giggs, as the caterpillar because his own heart to betray his brother.

Rhodri is being hit and hurt, even a broken heart. Because, his wife, Natasha, was having an affair with Ryan Giggs who is also his brother. And it happened very long affair. In fact, Natasha reportedly got pregnant with Ryan and then aborted.

Rhodri was also have video (can not be displayed on the internet) about Ryan Giggs. He called his brother who also stars as Manchester United's embarrassing.

With a cry, Rhodri said, "Ryan is a great football player. But he's nothing. He just 'a worm', a 'weasel'."

"I understand all of the letters sent by her mother Natasha. He told me everything. He's gone and I'm numb right now," lamented Rhodri.

In front of the camera, Rhodri also said, "I used to always assess it (Ryan) as a great person., But, now I know, he was not like that. He's very embarrassing."

"He never apologized. Thank God I finally knew he had ruined my life with sex. The hardest thing is to see them both. When someone has an advanced hero you are almost in the whole life, then suddenly find out affair and sleeping with your wife in the back you, this is very painful, "said Rhodri, hold grief.

Even so, Rhodri tried to save the relationship with Natahsa. "I love Natasha. She was my wife. I want to try and save her if still can. I have a good family, good home. I just think she's been manipulated by Ryan at a young age."

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