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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Udinese Vs Chievo Result | Coppa Italia

This surprising result occurs in the last 16-Big Coppa Italia that brings Udinese vs. Chievo Verona. Zebrette forced to lift the suitcase early because lost from Chievo 1-2.

Udinese Vs Chievo Result at Coppa Italia obviously surprised. The reason, to act as host Udinese at the Stadio Friuli.

In addition, coach Francesco Guidolin also reveal if the team remains high regard Coppa Italia competition. That is why, Guidolin only rotate a few key players are commonly used on Serie A matches.

Disastrous for Udinese directly created at the beginning of the first half. In the 9th minute, Paolo Sammarco managed to maximize Udinese defender
error, Joel Ekstrand, to beat goalkeeper Samir Handanovic.

Udinese could only equalized at the end of the second half through striker Antonio Di Natale. When the match is likely to be passed at the extra period, Cyril Thereau emerged as
Chievo hero. Escaped from the off-side trap, Thereau fooled Handanovic in one-on-one situations.

Udinese Vs Chievo Result remained 2-1 to win Chievo. As such,
Chievo will challenge Siena in Coppa Italia quarter-finals.

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