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Friday, March 23, 2012

Alain N'kong Persebaya

Just a few days, joining, new Persebaya player, Alain Mosely N'Kong already captured Bonek heart, Hooligan supporter of Persebaya. on playing style, as well as powerful left foot shot into the hallmark of the former Cameroon National Team players. Nicknamed King Kong attached to him.

Actually, the nickname King Kong is not foreign to N'kong, When he was dressed in Las Palmas, the 2002-2003 season ago, N'kong, nicknamed King Kong pinned by Segunda Division club's supporters. N'kong now also ready to be called King Kong by Bonek.

He assumed the nickname King Kong could not be separated from the style of the game is hard and often do tackling. "I do not know why I get that title. Slowly I felt comfortable and I was not disputed. Therefore, it is a sign of their affection to me," said Nkong some time ago.

In fact, N'kong video on youtube uploaded by fans. There, before the action N'kong served, beginning with the first film footage of King Kong. "Bonek can still call me King Kong," he said.

Currently, N'kong still resolve administrative problems in Jakarta. He claimed not wait to wear the green jersey, oversized color of Persebaya. According to him, Persebaya is one big team and a legend in Indonesia and Persebaya has fanatical supporters that there are huge numbers.

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