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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Li Na Determined Translucent World Top 5

Li Na, China's first tennis player who reached a Grand Slam final, optimistic in the near future he can penetrate the top five world rankings. This means that 28-year-old tennis player is listed itself as the first person from his country (and Asia), which can occupy that position.

Li Na had just enjoyed a month-long vacation pascakesuksesannya penetrate the Australian Open final. For its success, the position of Li Na soared sharply and is now ranked seventh of the world. Well, on the WTA Tour event in Dubai, Li Na, who will perform on Wednesday (02/16/2011), has a chance to make it happen if he managed to reach the highest achievement.

"As I said earlier, Australia has gone," said a woman born in Wuhan, China, this. "Now I have to start from scratch again."

Li Na more confident to face the Dubai Open, which provide 2 million U.S. dollars prize this. He set a target, in early April will be able to achieve the highest ratings throughout his career.

"Hopefully I can be in the top five positions, because last year I did not play well in Indian Wells and Miami," he said. "I thought, I am a good player, but I forgot how to walk on the field," he said.

"Now I have more experience. I know what I'm supposed to do on the field, and also continue to encourage my team."

Li Na also expect two colleagues from China, Zhang Jie and Peng Shuai, could follow in his footsteps as the world number one China. Thus, his dream for the Chinese people more interested in tennis can be realized.

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