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Friday, November 25, 2011

Maradona's mother dies

Argentine star Lionel Messi, including one that sends condolences over death of mother of Diego Maradona.

Maradona, Argentina star decade-1970-1990's, the middle of mourning after his mother abandoned, Dalma Franco. Former Argentina captain is currently a coach at a football club Al Wasl.

Maradona (51) claimed was touched to receive an abundance of sympathy and condolences of all the relatives in Argentina and around the world. "I am grateful for the ceremony of silence at the stadiums and all the awards they give," said Maradona.

Minutes of silence was conducted in Argentina League matches to commemorate the woman who was called "Mrs Tota" it.

"I want to thank for their speech, including from our president (Cristina Kirchner) and all the neighbors in Villa Fiorito (Maradona family residences)," Maradona said.

Condolences indeed come from many walks of Argentina. Actor Ricardo Darin, tennis player Juan Martin del Potro, as well as footballer Martin Palermo attend the funeral. While the Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, sent his condolences.

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