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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Red Bull Still Pursue Victory

Red Bull team rider, Sebastian Vettel, said the team is still hungry for victory in the two remaining series. Title for the category of riders and constructors are already in the hands does not make them more relaxed.

"The whole team is still hungry for victory and luckily there are still two more series to win. All team members continue to work hard and focus on details to win every remaining series," said Vettel, Monday (10/31/2011) in London.

Currently, Vettel has equaled Michael Schumacher with 11 victories in a single series. If you win two series remaining, Vettel will hold the record for most victories in a season.

For teammate, Mark Webber, who is targeted may seize the runner-up at the end of the season, Vettel said the Australian driver had to work hard to achieve a leading position and collect important points

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