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Friday, November 25, 2011

Takefusa Kubo look stunning at La Masia

Still remember the boy from Japan who was mentioned as a successor to Lionel Messi? he is Takefusa Kubo, he had undergone tests to have Barcelona academy, La Masia, since last July. And now, he's already incorporated in the academy that spawned such great talent that Messi et al.

Since the action of the boy who is now aged 11 years was circulated on Youtube, almost the whole world amazed. How not, the child's age he already has the skill to play football, which was a remarkable, even more than most other adult players.

In the video, Take-familiar greeting-able to weave nimbly through multiple opponents. Similar to Messi, who led the ball as tightly attached to his leg.

Since childhood, Take it had joined the school's football Barcelona, in Fukuoka, Tokyo. And, since his appearance began to attract many people, his coach, Ivan Palanco, suggesting that La Masia Take immediate binding. The reason, some European clubs reportedly have started approaching Take parents to ask their children to join.

However, in the end Take choose
La Masia to join together with some other kids from around the world. "I want to play at a big club," said Take.

Actually La Masia has a policy not to recruit players under the age of 13 years. But seeing its potential, Take exempt. In addition to the take, La Masia also gives a chance the boy from the United States, Ben Lederman, joined. Lederman became the first U.S. talent that is able to penetrate La Masia.

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