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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pato and Allegri stretchable

Since returning from injury, the appearance of Alexandre Pato was nevertheless improved. The Brazilian striker failed to demonstrate fertility as last season. It is getting more attention from the coach Massimiliano Allegri.

In fact, Allegri often comment on the performance of Pato. This makes the issue of their relationship begins to develop cracks. In fact, Pato admits relationship with two former Milan coach. Carlo Ancelotti and Leonardo much better than with Allegri.

"Carlo was always talking to me, telling me what to do in the field. If I had to increase the (now) then (Allegri) have suggested how," said Pato. "The coach should always advised his players how to improve her appearance."

"I want to have a more direct relationship with Allegri, I will not say much more. If he thinks he has the right to criticize me, then I must keep my head down and work. I have to respect what Coach said. The fact remains. However, if he see anything wrong with my game, he'd better come to me directly so we can discuss it together, "he continued.

Pato then commented on Allegri's decision to return to the position of striker, although Leonardo was giving him freedom in the field.

"Even in the national team (Brazil) I played as a striker, and I do not think doing a bad thing," he explained.

In late November, when Milan face Chievo Verona, Thiago Silva was appointed as captain. Although many people who judge Pato is more suitable for the position, based on the tradition of Italian football.

"Frankly, until I arrived in the locker room, I'm sure that seniority rules will be in place in Milan, and handed the armband to me. It was changed, but I'm not disappointed because in the end it was the captain's armband in the arms of a friend and teammate. I not (ask for an explanation), this is the decision of (Adriano) Galliani and Allegri."

Any comments Pato was becoming skewed rumors strengthen his move from the San Siro. Later, he was being linked with Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain. Even the Gunners, reportedly monitoring the situation in Milan and ready to make an offer 28 million euros.

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