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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Slavek and Slavko

DO NOT be surprised if the European Cup of 2012 there will be two figures imaginative creatures. They are Slavek and Slavko. The second figure of the mascot's 2012 European Cup that was held in two countries, Poland and Ukraine. 

For the 2012 European Cup performances, the Union of European Football Federation (UEFA) with party organizers determine Slavek and Slavko as a mascot.

Slavek and Slavko was decided as the mascots of Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine after becoming the winner in voting conducted by UEFA from November 16 until December 3, 2011 is. Previously, UEFA set up three names, namely Slavek-Slavko, Siemko-Strimko, and Klemek-Ladko. These names inspired from a prominent family name in Poland-Ukraine. Slavek-Slavko right to represent the European Cup in 2012 because 56 percent of the 39,233 selected following the voting. While Siemko-Strimko only won 29% of the vote, and Klemek-Ladko 15% of the vote.

Slavek is a mascot that represents Poland. This can be seen from the costume that he wore the uniform of the Polish national team (white-red). While Slavko is the mascot representing Ukraine with the Ukrainian national team uniform (yellow-blue). Not only the uniforms, the color of their hair was adjusted with the color of the flags of both countries.

"I think this mascot will promote the host with very positive. They are young and dynamic, just as Ukraine and Poland," said UEFA Executive Committee member who also serves as President of the Delegation of the European Cup in 2012 as reported by the official UEFA website.

President of the Polish Football Federation (PZPN), Grzegorz Lato, and President of the Football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), Grigoriy Surkis, welcomed the presence of both these mascots. According to Surkis, Slavek and Slavko strongly reflects the commitment of both countries and the soccer federation to succeed the 2012 European Cup.

"We share the same idea and we hope to offer the excitement of this tournament," said Sarkis.
Lato added, "I love their hair. In the 40 years ago I had hair like that. It's a special day and a great promotion for this tournament."

So, who designed both these mascots? none other than Warner Bros.. Companies from the United States has become a mascot designer for the European Cup four times in a row (including Slavek and Slavko).

Slavek and Slavko finally officially replace the role of Trix and Flix, representing the twin mascots of Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland.

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