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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Abidal Liver Transplantation

Football career of Barcelona defender, Eric Abidal, after Liver Transplantation in doubt. Organ transplant specialist, Rafael Matesanz, say, difficult for Abidal to return to play after undergoing transplantation.

"It is clear that everything will go well and he can exercise a high level of competition. However, soccer is a contact (body). Therefore, one of the things that should be avoided after transplantation is the trauma and shock in the area, "he told Marca, yesterday, as reported by AFP.

Matesanz said Abidal is a strong person and a professional sportsman. His body will not experience a rejection of new organs transplanted from fitness. Therefore, he judged to have a normal life with exercise.

"He should take precautionary steps in the rest of his life, including having no impact on the region (heart) is. He will undergo treatment throughout his life and regular health checks," he added.

Meanwhile, the French national team coach, Laurent Blanc, declined to comment on the future of 32-year-old player's career. Blanc is more concerned about health and Abidal subsequent impact on his family.

However, Jean Daniel Chiche, Head of Life Priority Health Foundation Fund, confirmed that Abidal who became ambassador to the foundation was ready to return to play after undergoing surgery.

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