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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lotus E21

Kimi Raikkonen get the good results in his comeback in the 2012 season. For the 2013 season, he was optimistic that could be more serious challenger for the world title fight.
was said along with the launch of Lotus E21, Lotus team new car for the upcoming 2013 season, replacing the E20 last season led Raikkonen into the top three riders final standings.
E21 itself mentioned already got a special polish to achieve better results, although visually similar to the E20. Raikkonen was firmly nodded his head and considers that a faster car in the qualifying session could help him win more often.

"Of course there is, but it would be difficult to improve what we accomplished last season. But that's our goal, so much better.'s Not just for the riders, but also for the team, and hopefully we can do it," he said on ESPN F1.
"We are trying to increase throughout the area and certainly if we can perform better in qualifying then it will give a greater chance to win and make things so much easier in the race. But we try to make it go faster as a whole and hopefully we can do it , "said Raikkonen.
Raikkonen, who returned to racing last season after briefly serving his 'retirement' since 2009, considered that one year together with Lotus last season would create continuity and make it perform better in 2013. Moreover, he claimed to feel at home in the Lotus.

 "We all (riders) will start with zero points and it should be easier now that I know everyone and they know me, so it would have been easier towards the first race later. This does not mean it will automatically make us achieve better results ; but fingers crossed, and so that is what we hope. "
"We have a contract and I'm very, very pleased with all the people here and also with the team, so I really do not see the point of going to another place. But last year I went through the good seasons;, of course we want to achieve better results this year as a team, but as I said earlier, if you are happy in one place, I do not see the need to place, "said Raikkonen.

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