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Monday, December 5, 2011

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing withdrew from FOTA

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing pulled out of Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) agreements concerning resource limitation or Resource Restriction Agreement (RRA). Decisions taken at the meeting in Brazil (along with organizing the race) to discuss the crisis experienced by the team, as reported by Autosport, not to see the best path.

Both teams will write a letter to FOTA earlier this week to tell about their decision. A spokesman for FOTA to admit that his organization had received notification from both teams.

"FOTA sure when it accepted the resignation of two teams. While considering the steps to be taken, FOTA still continue to work on behalf of members to achieve organizational goals," said a spokesman for FOTA.

As per the order of organization, if the team wanted to resign, then they should tell the two previous months. Means, Ferrari and Red Bull Racing (RBR) will pull in February next year.

Ferrari team principal, Stefano Domenicali, a little tough. He said if at the beginning of this year, an agreement about FOTA budget control can not be achieved, then the organization's future must be questioned. "If the mistrust will be out of the activities of FOTA, then how about the FOTA. We know why he was there and now we understand if the association is still needed. We need to do it constructively with the way open," said Domenicali, who he put on the Korean GP.

Meanwhile, the leadership of RBR, Christian Horner, while in Brazil also say, "I think FOTA is at a crossroads, the place they need an agreement with respect to several key issues, such as the Concorde Agreement. If you do not find agreement in FOTA, then what is the purpose of FOTA, "said Horner.

According to sources, as many as four big teams (Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, and Mercedes) conducted an informal meeting to try and find an agreement on the matter.

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