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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hayden: MotoGP 2011 Very Difficult

Ducati rider Nicky Hayden acknowledges, MotoGP 2011 will take place very tight. Therefore, according to "The Kentucky Kid" - the nickname Hayden, no dominant rider to be world champion 2011.

Last season, Hayden recorded a significant progress, although still far from complete, since the 2006 world champion only finish in seventh position. However, compared with its inaugural season with the Italian team, Hayden had a big jump because in his debut in 2009, he finished in position 13.

However, the competition in 2011, Hayden said it would be difficult. "It's really nothing lazy in MotoGP. WAG hardest now is Jorge (Lorenzo), because he is the holder of the title," said Hayden, the new season will be the tandem world champion Valentino Rossi nine times.

"But when you see a list of riders, all riders is difficult, none of them fell asleep, and that's why I like MotoGP. This year has a big challenge and I will not vote for anyone because of their toughest rivals all are candidates champion."

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