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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Button Not Received Penalty

McLaren racer, Jenson Button, will not be punished following the incident with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1 race in Canada on Sunday (12/6/11). The results of investigation showed, a British rider, who won the race full of drama, not guilty.

Button and Alonso made contact on lap 38, and steward then announced that they would investigate the incident after the race. But after seeing the re-viewing the video and listen to explanations from both rider and team representative, stated that the incident was "racing incident".

"Car 5 (Alonso) is outside lap when the pit. Car 4 (Button) appear to be in the line leading into a curve and drove off the road to avoid car 5 which is outside.

"Given the conditions and reports from both riders and their team representatives, stewards decided that this was a 'racing incident' and stated that no further action," the statement.

Not only that. Button also cleared after a collision with teammate, Lewis Hamilton, on lap seven.
"The stewards have seen repeated incidents involving cars 3 (Hamilton) and Mobil 4 (Button) on the seventh lap race. The steward looked again at some point the car, including two cars involved in this, using various angles video into evidence over several lap, the second trail rider speed, GPS data from the car, and having heard the explanation of the rider and team representatives, "the statement added.
"The stewards concluded that:

"1) Get out of the corners 13 have a legitimate chance of overtaking Lewis Hamilton because of its speed is higher than Jenson Button.

"2) Both riders taking substantially the same line with most other rider, and do not move too far to the left like the previous driver, Michael Schumacher. At the time when Hamilton moved to the left to pass, Button saw her rearview mirror. It appears from the position of Hamilton on at the time (and confirmed by the rider) that Button may not have seen Hamilton.

"3) In the event of contact, Button has not moved far to the left of the track, as it did on the previous lap, or that Schumacher did on that lap.

"The stewards have concluded that it was fair for Hamilton to believe that Button will see him, and that he could make a maneuver to pass it. Further, the stewards have concluded that unreasonable to believe that Button was not aware of Hamilton's position on the left.

"Therefore, the stewards decided that this was a 'racing incident' and did not take further action."

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