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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FedEx Admits Nadal Making Frustration

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer re-create the classic battle in the red soil Roland Garros. Once the public call for the French Open final that took place Sunday, June 5.

That's because several years ago, the final grand slam is more dominated by two players. This year's French Open final that was originally predicted to bring Nadal and Novak Djokovic did not materialize, because Federer was the one who slammed the Serbian tennis player in the semifinals, so he met Nadal, a friend of the foundation of humanity in the defense of Africa.

Before the game started, around the stadium to see the atmosphere. In stark contrast, because the fans seemed more excited Nadal, on average they carry the flag of Spain on his back, and face was decorated with national flag marks the world's No. 1 tennis player. try talking with some fans Nadal who has won six titles this Roland Garros. Three women, a mother and two children, the most attention. The three-blooded Spanish is fluent in French but lived in New York, and one Native American women who go with them coming into Roland Garros as a big fan with Rafa, which he considered sexy.

They really believe, if Nadal will return victorious, because it was Roland Garros tickets they bought two months before the tournament. According to them, Roland Garros is the red soil-born Nadal.

Meanwhile, supporters numbered Federer though very much, but they look more calm in the area of ​​Roland Garros. Three of the musicians came specially from Switzerland, for the sake of defending their tennis hero. Federer believes tennis fans that his country will reach the championship.

"He's coming back!" Federer was so exciting fans. "Many who thought FedEx (Federer) has started releasing his racket, but you see how he beat Novak Djokovic in the semi-final. Fantastic! So Nadal ... he must be prepared to accept defeat this year," cried they answer questions .

After the match, Federer had won a grand slam at Roland Garros in 2009, said, despite losing her feel quite satisfied, because the level of her tennis game felt much progress. And this really helped him to prepare for the prestigious Wimbledon tournament which will start soon.

He also said, when he failed to reach the break for victory in the first set and turned into a victory for Nadal, he became very tense and depressed, which makes the concentration is very disturbed.

"But Nadal's extraordinary play, wherever the ball falls, she always managed to return it like lightning, and I think it makes a lot of players who face him become upset," said world number three player, who has collected 16 grand slam titles .

Nadal himself, who managed to equal the record of the legendary Swiss tennis player since Bjorn Borg won six times at the Porte d'Auteuil (one name for Roland Garros), admitted, in the red soil is itself always feel blessed.

"This year, despite starting the match with a lot of trouble, but luck is always on my side, and once again managed to win trophies bite," joked 25-year-old Spaniard, because it has a tradition of winning trophies bite.
Asked by whether he was ready to give up his world title number 1, if the upcoming grand slams Djokovic has won the tournament, Nadal replied: "Eee ... as I always say, in every game I always try to play well, and terms This proved with trophy which now sits next to me (with a glance at the cup which is placed beside him in the press conference). "

"But if Novak managed to take my place, I think it's because the result of hard work. For me the important thing is to play as good as possible, about the world order that is just numbers," said Nadal, who having an affair with Maria Francesca, a local girl born with it.

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