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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kim Clijsters lost in second round

Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters was eliminated in the second round tournament Unicef ​​Open and ironically at the hands of the player is not famous.

Clijsters struggling to overcome injury removed Romina Oprandi in two sets 6-7 3-6. This defeat also marked Clijsters bad preparation ahead of Wimbledon grand slam tournament.

Clijsters had experienced problems with his feet on the second game and perform limited throughout the game. But he did not feel the need to undergo medical examination and it is unknown whether he suffered an ankle problem.

Oprandi indeed appear surprising with a backhand slice, especially when facing Clijsters service. This is the second defeat Clijsters in the second round in the last month. At the French Open grand slam championship he had removed bebak Arantxa Rus in the second.

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