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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tom Adeyemi Receiving Racist Treatment at Anfield

Allegations of racist stronghold Liverpool hit back. This time, some fans of the Reds allegedly abusing Oldham Athletic player, Tom Adeyemi, on an endless game 5-1 to Liverpool on Friday (6 / 1).

As the Guardian reported, the incident occurred on 10 minutes before the fight ended. At that time, Adeyemi suddenly seen a fight with some fans in the front row at Anfield Stadium. Before leaving the stadium, Adeyemi then gave a statement to that Merseyside Police had been harassed twice by Liverpool supporters.

A witness also told when Adeyemi harassed by two fans who use the shirts as Luis Suarez wear to refute allegations of racial abuse.

"I was on the right support it. Back numbered 11 players (Adeyemi, Red) walks away after tackle. Suddenly I heard shouting racist tone. The players then turn around and start pointing to the crowd of fans, where the cry came," obvious source told the Guardian.

Merseyside Police alone reported to have made ​​arrests, but denied the arrests related to allegations of harassment are received by Adeyemi. "Merseyside Police said nobody has been arrested on suspicion of racially at Anfield Stadium. However, Liverpool are investigating the incident. The purpose of this investigation to determine the action to be taken."

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