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Monday, March 19, 2012

Berbatov will leave Manchester United

Berbatov will leave Manchester United at the end of the season, even if MU offered a contract extension for another year.

"I've done three meetings with (manager MU), Alex Ferguson. We accept that he (Ferguson) will try to build a team for three or four years. Berbatov was not included in the plan," said Berbatov's agent, Emil Danchev.

"Ferguson wanted to change the style of the game in order faster. I can understand the position of MU because it will hinder if Berbatov wants to leave," he added.

Berbatov is the leading scorer for the Bulgarian national team with 48 goals, joined Manchester United from Tottenham Hotspur in 2008.

Ferguson added: "I understand he (Berbatov) want to go in the first team. It's hard for me to give a guarantee like that in recent weeks."

Although including a productive, Berbatov is rarely played as a starter, in this season. According to Danchev, Berba will try to continue his career at another club in Europe.

"Almost certainly Berbatov to leave England, but he will not be moved to the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, or a league like this," said Danchev.

Some clubs in Spain, Germany, and France is reportedly interested in him.

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