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Monday, March 19, 2012

Negeri Sembilan FA Vs Persebaya

After undergoing Unity Cup versus Kelantan FA, Malaysia Super League (MSL) club, Negeri Sembilan FA re-tested the strength of the team Persebaya. The plan, Negeri Sembilan FA Vs Persebaya match will be conducted over two legs and Negeri Sembilan to host the first leg.

Plans to hold a friendly match Negeri Sembilan FA Vs Persebaya is already starting echoed last February. At that time Managing Director of PT Persebaya, Dityo Pramono has plans to bring Persebaya with the team from Malaysia. "Still in the process," said Dityo that time.

Long time that news is not heard, last week, assistant coach announced to the players rush to immediately collect the passport. He got out to the media if the match against Negeri Sembilan to be done. When confirmed, the manager did not dismiss.

"Yes, March 25, we play in Negeri Sembilan," wrote Saleh in the short message service (SMS). Negeri Sembilan FA Vs Persebaya will be held at the stadium with a capacity of 45 thousand seats, Tuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium, Paroi.

Negeri Sembilan FA Vs Persebaya also been circulated in Negeri Sembilan fans page. In one fan pages include title of 'The Deer Waiting The Crocodile'. A picture of a deer in the position of the gore and the crocodile opened its mouth and shows sharp fangs.

The Deer, the nickname of Negeri Sembilan finish the season ranked eighth in the final standings MSL. While this season, the team is ranked sixth standings with 12 points total.

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