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Monday, March 11, 2013


Beautiful Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova, says her businesses to provide education which tennis career never had the time to achieve it. Sharapova, who became one of two women who entered the list of 100 highest-paid athletes according to Forbes Magazine 2012 recognizes, there is no business that offers a learning curve as satisfied or as expensive as Sugarpova candy brand, which was launched last year.

"One of the things I took for years when I was working with the brand and the people different is that I never really had a solid education in my career, but I am always happy to listen and learn," said Sharapova, Friday (08/03/2013), after reaching the third round of the WTA tournament tickets BNP Paribas Open.

"That's how I learned, through attendance at various types of meetings, whether creative, whether with the ad agency."

According to Forbes, Sharapova managed to get 22 million U.S. dollars in 2012. All that helped him prepare to open their own business, which he said is still growing. He added three new products to be introduced in three weeks and new markets are added.

"Now we're trying to travel around the world," he said, explaining the ins and outs of getting regulatory approval for sorting materials and labeling requirements for different countries.

"So many things that you do not even think about it," added the former world number one player.

25-year-old star, who was last year's French Open champion to complete his degree at the grand slam (winning four grand slam), said he has a sweet tooth, but it's called "Sugarpova".

"It makes me laugh to this day when people say that name," he said. "I just want to laugh."

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