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Monday, November 21, 2011

McLaren Must Win in Brazil

The highest achievement in the McLaren team won the 2011 race season certainly was two world champion constructor. For the rider, the world's highest runner-up who are now in the hands of Jenson Button with 255 points. If the ultimate series in Brazil, week (27/11) British rider to finish in front of or just behind Fernando Alonso, his position unassailable.

According to team leader Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren have won the race started the series early next year if you want to compete won two championship crowns in 2012. "Success in Abu Dhabi Lewis was the sixth victory of the McLaren achieved three series after Vettel won the world championship." We want to print a seventh victory in Brazil, despite having secured the second victory of the constructor, "explained Whitmarsh on McLaren Production Center opening ceremony at the headquarters of the McLaren team.

Whitmarsh acknowledged that this year the McLaren F1 team start very slowly, "So we walked out of the fastest and next year sure can win the race early," he said.

Whitmarsh belief reinforced by Hamilton and Button couples who rated excellent. Although this year's Button managed to collect a higher rate than his partner's. Then, he continued to increase team performance graph.

On the other hand, the team director Jonathan Neale said the team did not win enough races to steal the crown. From experience, it needs additional time this winter to strengthen the position of both car and driver, to start next season.

"We consistently have won the race, also consistently on the podium, but we have not managed to seize the crown a champion," explained Naele. So, he continued, that is the challenge next season. The success in the ultimate series will have a positive influence on the next season.

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