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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Schumi: Mercedes Shall Remain Hard Work

Mercedes Grand Prix racer Michael Schumacher insisted, his team still needs to "actively encourage" despite impressive show on the second day of testing pre-season Formula 1 (F1) 2011 in Jerez, Spain. Schumacher - Schumacher greeting - always be the fastest in every practice session on Friday (11/2/11) is.

On the second day of this trial, Schumacher who had the opportunity to try W02, after the previous day that menjajalnya Nico Rosberg. Apparently, the veteran German rider, who is a former seven-time F1 world champion, shows the performance good.

On the occasion, Schumacher is more focused on a series of straight track, to evaluate the tires and setting the machine. Former Ferrari driver was admitted pleased with what he achieved.

"Of course, this being a productive day, and I am happy about it," said Schumacher. "We focus on the straight path and could generate a far distance is a positive thing.

"It also gives us the data for the next days and also for development. We're moving forward as desired during the winter, but at the same time, we realized that we must work hard."

Today, Schumacher still will undergo tests and focus for car wheels. After that, turn to Rosberg who will return to the track on Sunday.

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